About Us & Team

About Us

Founded in 2017 and based in Aargau, Switzerland. Neetwk is a Business-to-business platform that provides products and services in the areas of logistics, intralogistics, material handling and International Trade.

Logistics services such as transportation, warehousing and moving companies are found through our platform. Products in the areas of transportation, intralogistics, material handling, packaging and labels can be obtained in our market place.

International Trade practice such as export control services (audit, training and export control classifications), customs services (customs brokers, customs clearance, consulting, audit, training and harmonized system code classifications), free trade agreements and incoterms, are also found in our platform.

Neetwk Platform is a tool for the professionals that work in different industries to find products, services and solutions in International Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain Industries.



Francisco Ortuño

CEO & Founder

Francisco Ortuño is the founder and CEO at Neetwk. Francisco is passionate about Logistics, Supply Chain and International Trade. He drives the strategy and vision of the company. Under Francisco’s leadership, Neetwk Platform connects partners and customers around the globe.

Francisco has a bachelor in International Trade and Customs. He holds an MBA in Logistics Management.