Company name

Quality and environmental certifications

Security and health certifications

Specialization per industry

EN Airport electro scooter
By: TÜNKERS Maschinenbau

EN Auger Bulkers
By: GRW Tankers and Trailers

EN Autosat®

EN AutosatMover®

EN BicyLift trailer
By: FlexiModal

EN BT4000
By: Movexx International

EN Cargo Bike – Shorty
By: Urban Arrow

EN Cargo Bike – Urban Arrow Cargo XL
By: Urban Arrow

EN Cargo Challenger
By: Cargo Cycling

EN Cargo Chariot
By: Cargo Cycling

EN Chike cargo
By: chike

EN CityQ eBike
By: CityQ

FR Cocoon
By: Bluemooov

EN Compact Shuttle
By: DAMBACH Lagersysteme

EN Container Chassis
By: MAFI Transport-Systeme