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Automated Inventory Gate – doks.gate is an automatic scanning solution and documenting in passing during loading and unloading.

With the Automated Inventory Gate – doks.gate solution, scanning, and documentation processes in inbound and outbound areas can be fully automated.


  • Installation on site
  • One-time software set-up and customizing
  • Data acquisition is triggered fully automated via light barriers
  • Cameras and, if necessary, other sensors record every material movement
  • Intelligent software components generate relevant information from the image data
  • Calculation of throughput quantities and times
  • Creation of high-resolution photo documentation from different perspectives
  • Acquisition of further master data such as dimensions, temperature or volume
  • Provision of all data records in real time via digital user interface
  • Export to existing IT and warehouse management systems


  • Complete substitution of manual scanning and documentation operations
  • Fully automated system – without manual intervention
  • Maximum timeliness – live data processing and immediate export
  • Maximum transparency in throughput quantities and times
  • Significant acceleration of intralogistic transport processes
  • Noticeable increase in efficiency for warehouse employees
  • Extensive documentation of damages and qualitative factors for transparent communication and traceability
  • No additional infrastructure required – can be seamlessly integrated into existing transport processes



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