Electric Tug for Milk Run CC2500-S

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The electric tug for milk run CC2500-S is an electric tug that is able to move 2500 kg with ease. The design has been optimized to ensure that the operator is always in an ergonomic and comfortable position.

As a result,  ergonomic optimized is mainly used for milk run purposes and industries where carts and trolleys need to be transported over longer distances. The use of this electric tug increases efficiency by allowing multiple carts to be transported at the same time. In addition, the advantage is that the user is not burdened, which reduces fatigue.

Comfortable and ergonomically optimized

When designing the CC2500-S, we focused on a design that guarantees an ergonomic and comfortable sitting position. The adjustable tiller head makes it possible to adjust the tiller head to your optimal sitting position.

Easy to use

Anyone can operate the CC2500-S. The machine starts moving by simply starting the electric tug and moving the flippers forwards or backward. In addition, no certificate is required to operate the CC2500-S.


The CC2500-S makes it possible to connect several carts and trolleys to each other to form a train. This increases the efficiency and the machine is excellent for use in milk run systems.

Market segment

Airport, Healthcare & Laundry, Hospitality & Events, Industry, Retail & Distribution, Waste

Technical information

  • Motor – DC motor 24V, 800W
  • Maximum pulling force and speed –  Up to 2500 KG 4 Km/h
  • Battery – Fixed AGM maintenance free
  • Tires – solid rubber ø250×80 mm
  • Weight and length – 304 kg. 1237 mm 511 mm
  • Frame – Compact, Steel powdercoated
  • Working height – 1075 mm.


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