Pedestrian Signal for Warehouse floor

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The pedestrian signal for warehouse floor or visual alert system (VAS) The Safety Alert Visualisation solution is an innovative development which warns pedestrians and/or forklifts in situations of risk by projecting signals on the ground.


The pedestrian signal for Warehouse floor contains a projector which has 1 to 3 different colour lenses and the projected symbols are customisable.
Some examples of what can be projected are a forklift sign, pedestrian signs, a STOP warning, a pedestrian crossing, a speed limit sign, a “no smoking” sign warning or a signal indicating that the use of mobile phones is prohibited, among many other options..


This system only involves placing the projector in the place where we want to locate the warning signals.

Bear in mind that there are two types of projectors available: a 50w and a 120w. The 50w projector is indicated for sites that have low ambient light, while the 120w is much more powerful and suitable for warehouses or production plants with lots of lighting.


This system is ideal for use in warehouses, logistics centres, production areas, spaces separating production areas from offices, corridors and transit areas in industrial spaces, as well as in blind spots in work spaces.


 This system differs from other signage options in that its highly effective and visible.

Experience shows us that projections on the ground provide better visibility than those projected above.
They are also better than the commonly used panoramic mirrors, since these are often placed too high to be seen and paid attention to. In many cases, these mirrors become part of the landscape of the workspace and operators don’t give them due consideration.

On the other hand, with a projector that emits a signal on the ground it’s easier to capture a person’s attention. This person receives a much more direct and easier to detect warning, is more protected and can circulate safely.

 In a nutshell, there are many benefits to the VAS system: the image is easy to see, it doesn’t wear out, it can be turned on and off, the projected signs can be changed, the marks are very visible, and they attract a lot of attention.



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